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What is Project?

The project is a study in which a variety of products are obtained that have interrelated goals and objectives, which are aimed at creating change within a predetermined period of time. The project, which is a scientific study;collecting information by observing, organizing the information obtained, investigating whether there is a cause-and-effect relation between the information, information about future generations and transferring the results.

The project process includes the processes that start with the emergence of the project idea and to produce new project ideas following the projecting, development, execution, completion and evaluation on this idea paper. You can learn more about project management by attending a PMP online training


Project work starts with curiosity and observation. Curiosity about the people living in the environment and observing the issues that are curious about it constitutes the first step in project preparation. There are some steps that must be taken to make the work done scientific. These:

  1. Choosing the theme of the project: Project topic; Interested, thoughtful, or curious. Many ideas can come to mind. These should be noted and not immediately decided. Among these; A subject that can be done, wondered and aroused.
  2. Information gathering: Once the topic of the proj- ect has been identified, information should be collected from relevant books, magazines, the Internet, sources and institutions. Any written, oral, visual material about the subject must be collected.
  3. Identification of the project: The purpose, objectives, method, implementation steps, working schedule and expected results of the project should be described in the light of the information obtained after the project idea has appeared.

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The aim is simple description of the desired outcome ( Technology and Design Course Original Content) Projects are usually a single goal. When the goal of the project is not well defined, problems may be encountered in defining the objectives and activities for the purpose.

Goals should serve for the defined purpose. The target can be more than one. Measurable targets should be determined to determine whether the targets have been achieved. The way to be followed during the project works, experiments and observations, data collection tools, statistical evaluations, graphic drawings and calculations; Are the elements that determine the method. All these steps must be explained clearly and clearly. The activities to be carried out during project work should be defined step by step and the expected results for each activity should be presented.

  1. Execution of the project: Project; Objectives, methods, implementation steps and schedule.
  2. Evaluation and writing of the report: At this stage, the project results and the evaluation of the effectiveness of the project are carried out after a certain period of time during the project and after the end of the project. By comparison with previous studies, it is stated to what extent the aim of the study is achieved. The report includes the results of the project work. This is the most important part of the project. Findings are expressed in written and visual means. The project should be a scientific work. At every step of the project, all the features of scientific work must be seen.

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