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Rolex model numbers and serial numbers: know what they refer to

Rolex has been a symbol of excellence and elegance since its establishment in industry, Bigger than a brand, it becomes a complete man’s asset with its broad range of unique designs. You often listen about the serial number and model number of Rolex watches but may not understand what they both stand for. The serial number as well as model number both can specify the age of Rolex watch that is the manufacturing year, the type of watch, the type of bezel and the material it is made from. You just need to know how you can determine this information of a watch by just the serial and model number.

Rolex Serial Number

The importance of serial numbers in each and every design or watch makes it unique as stating the year of manufacture. Every Rolex watch has serial number from where you can determine the age of the watch. Any Rolex bearer should know about the grand history of these serial numbers apart from the basic information about this context. You can overview the history of Rolex serial number system as well as preview the list of various serial numbers assigned to the manufacturing year of the watch at this link


Rolex Model Number

 The model number should not be confused with the serial number as it is to describe the unique specification of watch to particular model. These specifications are dedicated to several parts of the model number. You can know about the type of the particular watch by looking to the first 2 or 3 digits. There are different set of digits for particular type of watch like if it is 140 or 142, it means that it is Oyster perpetual type of watch. Second from the last or middle of the number will be type of bezel, only if number is of 5 digits. You can determine the type of material from the last digits. Rolex has been altering the model numbers with which you should be keep yourself updated.