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How to Install Cabin Lifts

How to Install Cabin Lifts

Level Lifts in the United Kingdom are experts in designing and making the best kind of lifts to match form and function for a variety of built environments. The experience gained by the company is a necessary requisite in contracting for a partner who can provide specialist premium services in the installation of all kinds of lifts including the Lymington lift, Kensington lift, level access lifts and the popular cabin lifts.

Cabin lifts made and produced by Level Lifts in the United Kingdom are considered a perfect fusion between platform lifts, level access lifts and cabin style lifts, they are versatile and reliable. They are especially famed for providing the comfort associated with the level lifts while retaining the all major advantages of an ideal cabin designed lift. Most of this type of lifts are manufactured with a fully enclosed folding door with automatic one-touch controls.

The lift is delivered in a ready to install form, though at times they can also be delivered in parts that can be assembled on the site so as tochose on a number of configurations. Assembling a lift on site allows testing and optimizing of some of the lift’s functions. Most of the lifts come with a prefabricated shaft and elegant swing doors for landings. A low pit and headroom for the cabin ensure that no major structural adaptations are necessary making it a simple but elegant solution.

To install the lift correctly, shaft dimensions need to be confirmed and conformity assured with the layout of drawings. If deviations are noted either with the given dimensions or the drawings of the lift, a technical clarification is necessary before proceeding with the installation. Every installation must be made when dimensions and drawings coincide with as little room for error as possible. This is of utmost importance to ensure safety and reliability.

Every installation has to strictly adhere to safety and installation standards, rules like no standing underneath an unsecured cabin are important for the security of installation personnel. A working manual is necessary for every specific model of a lift you purchase from us. At Level Lifts, we ensure that the said manual is available with the purchase of every lift you make. The manual has the correct specification and instructions about the lift purchased. This information is correct and should be followed keenly to avoid injury or accidents.

There are extra details important for your attention before installing this kind of lift, the machine supporter is always pre-installed, and this, however, needs to be installed centre on the buffer support angles. The motor to the lift should be located behind and the sheave at the front. The supporting pulley should be installed between the two crossbeams. The work of the crossbeams and pulley supporter is the fixation of the machine room floor. Clamp plates are needed to achieve this, and these plates are preinstalled on the floor to the machine room.

This lift is an excellent investment for most built environments, the speed and ease of installation, a low-maintenance drive system, reliability and low operating costs make it both unique and outstanding.